Product Range and Specification--

We provide one stop solution for your vertical transportation system.

Passanger Lifts : For 4 to 15 passangers used in residential & commercial building with manual or automatic doors.
Stretcher / Hospital Lifts : Bed Lifts with capacity of 10 to 15passengers and for smooth movement of patients on strechers.
Goods Lifts / Freight Lifts : Use in factories, cement plants to carry weight up to 2.5 Ton.
Capsule Lifts : With 1,2,3,5 side panoramic view.
Car Lifts / Parking Lifts : For building with inadequate space for parking of cars.
Hydraulic Lifts : For building with inadequate space for bungalows and low rise buildings.
Dumb Waiters : For Hotel & Hospital use.

Advanced Components and Accessories

Variable Voltage & Variable Frequency Drives, LCD Display, Scrolling Indicator, Infrared Light Curtains, Digital Voice Announcing System, Automatic Rescue Drive, Automatic Glass Doors.